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How To Get Invited To A House Sex Party?

I want to get invited to a house sex party, how do I do it?
Sorry to have to give you the bad news, but Swinging is mainly a couples activity, especially when it comes to house parties. That being said there are still quite a few couples who are looking to have a threesome, either with another female or another male. The good news is that you could be just the person to fulfill that fantasy for them.
A little etiquette lesson, although there will be sex going on, it can be disrespectful to refer to it as a “sex party”. Now, getting an invite to a house party that gets a little complicated for you as a single. You will either need to be invited by the hosts or a couple going to the party and they need permission from the hosts.
The best option could be to see if there are any swingers clubs close by who allow singles to attend, that is a great place to meet couples who may host parties, or you could also try a swinger’s website. I am not going to lie to you, it will take some effort on your part, but it can (and does) happen.
Good luck,
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    • Donald
    • June 9, 2020

    My girl and are a VERY interested in something like this but we are new to the idea u could say… just curious on a good way to get involved

    1. Reply

      As I am sure you can guess, it is hard to get involved in the lifestyle right now with all the social distancing, but you can get more informed so that you are ready for when things open up again.
      There is a lot of information on my site on how to get started.
      Check out the Swinging 101 section (https://sandionswinging.com/swinging/swingers-info/101-newbie-info).
      I would say that is a great place to start.
      Good luck… Sandi

    • Jim
    • July 14, 2020

    Hello Sandi. I truly enjoyed your articles and look forward to reading more. I have a question for you. I use to be a real jealous person and now have been married for 25 yrs. She’s a beautiful very sexual woman who I believe would do pretty much anything j asked her sexually. We’ve talked about getting another woman for threesome by the wah she’s very bi curious. But I catch my self thinking and fantasizing about having another girl or just me and 2or 3 other guys fuck her all night long. Is that wrong of me. I know she won like it if she could get over the head trip. What do you think? Should I talk more about it or just have it ready to go when she comes home some evening?

    1. Reply

      Hi Jim,
      Interesting question. Definitely, don’t just have it ready for her as a surprise unless she has mentioned that she would like that.
      I would say talk to her more about all of this and your fantasies, maybe find a subtle way to bring up the conversation and let her know about your fantasies.
      A great resource I would suggest is: https://sandionswinging.com/resources/how_to_turn_your_wife_into_a_swinger.php It is full of good tips to help make your fantasy become a reality.
      Good luck,

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