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Sandi's Newsletter For Tryst & Tab Magazine.

Just got back from the newest Couples Cruise Swingers Ship Takeover. There are only three more Couples Cruise events planned at this point in time, all in 2014, with no new cruises scheduled for the forseeable future. These trips are Amazing (and I should know I just came back from my third one ;-) If you wait too long to book you will miss the ship (and party)! Don't say I didn't warn you. I am working on writing one of my famous reviews on this cruise, I hope to have it done for the next newsletter, but I have to get caught up from last weeks holiday first!

So here is your update, with all the new articles, plus my soon to be famous Sex Tips, Sex Terms and Sex Info. ;-)

Now let's get to my SOS -- SandiOnSwinging.com update.

Lust & Kisses
.... Sandi


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What to Expect From Your First Swinging Experience?

So you and your partner have talked it over and decided to take the plunge and enjoy your first swinging experience. Congratulations, but now you are wondering what you should expect. Let me guide you though some of the things that may happen the first time you try swinging... Your First Swinging Experience...

Swinging Sex Facts

A betrayed wife in Hong Kong is legally allowed to kill her husband when he cheats on her, but must do so with only her bare hands. You know what they say about a woman scorned, right?

Just Found Out Our Best Friends Are Swingers

All New Kinky Leather & VinylSo you are now wondering if you should dump them or invite them into your bed. LOL This article may help you discide what to do when your Best Friends Are Swingers...

Swinging Sex Tips

Sexual Favours: Buy a book of sex tokens (or create your own): each one contains a sexual promise such as:

  • I promise to pay the bearer one: incredible sexual massage
  • a game of domination and submission
  • a dozen orgasms
  • an hour of sexual slavery
  • etc.

Announce in advance when a sex token can be used and, for an extra-special treat, let him or her choose her favorite. Hide a sex token in his pants pocket, under his pillow, in his briefcase, or in the glove compartment of his car; anywhere he wouldn't expect it. Write at the bottom: "To be redeemed as soon as we next meet. Make some extra-special sex tokens that explain in minute detail how you plan to seduce your partner from start to finish.

Fun Ways To Learn All About Condoms

The more practice the better we are at most things. And using condoms is no exception to that. And in this lifestyle you need to get rid of your hesitation to use condoms. One option to make it fun is to get a group of friends together and have each person bring a different kind of prophylactic (condom). What better way to see the differences?. ;-) Learn About Condoms...

You Might Be A Swinger If...

After you get too tired, your wife finishes off your girlfriend with a vibrator, or her tongue!

Lifetime Membership Offer

Our Lifetime Membership is now a permanent option, as so many have taken advantage of me... I mean it... already, that I didn't feel right taking it away from those of you who have not grabbed me... I mean it, yet. ;-) Click to find out more about our Lifetime Swingers Membership.

Swingers Cruises

These are the last three Couple Cruises (Full ship takeovers for just us swingers). Call us to book 1-866-697-2634 (toll free) or book directly online.

  • Jan 2014 - Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen (includes Loyalty Reward Program)
  • May 2014 - Mexican Rivera for a change of venue, not to mention change of coast
  • Nov 2014 - Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

These are the only Couples Cruise events planned at this point in time. If you wait too long they will be sold out! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Also Don't Forget With TrystMas Coming You Will Want Discounts On Your Adult Gifts....

Cupid Boutique offers you 20% off everything in their stores. This offer is available to ALL of my members (if you got this newsletter then that includes you). The link to their coupon is on the left side of your screen in the member's area on the main page.

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Final Comment....

That's it you are now all up to date. Hope that didn't hurt too much, unless you wanted it to hurt that is ;-)

See you soon, and remember if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions I would love to hear from you... good or bad, I can take it.

Last, but not least, Thank You for being one of my Newsletter readers. You are very important to both of us.

Lust and Kisses... Sandi & Ted too

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Tryst Travel

Erotic Resorts - These are resorts which cater to Swingers, but don't worry you don't have to be a swinger to go to these resorts, but they will give you that erotic atmosphere that is so enjoyable (at least to me).

Adults Only Cruise

Final Three Swingers Full Ship Takeovers
(by Couples Cruise)

Jan. 2014

Just a quickie Swingers Cruise Ship takeover. Going to Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen
(includes Loyalty Reward Program). Updated: Oceanview cabins have been reduced.

May 2014

For a change of venue we are headed to the Mexican Rivera, not to mention getting a change of coast. This Swingers Cruise Ship takeover is going to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada, Mexico.

Nov 2014

Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

Trust Me, You want to
be a part of at least
one of these
Trips of a Lifetime

Read our review of the
Nov. 2010 Cruise

(and each cruise just
keeps getting better)

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