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Sandi's Newsletter For Tryst & Tab Magazine.

Here I am again giving you yet another update. There is so much happening around here it is hard for me to stay caught up that I cannot expect you to be able to.

This weekend marks the supposed end of summer (kids going back to school and all that stuff), but who says summer has to end? Why not book a fall, winter or spring holiday to look forward to going on, which will extend thr summer for you. Note: There have been some changes to the theme nights for this November's Couples Cruise, which is almost sold out!

As always if you want to find out more details about anything here, just click the link (shown in each section below) and that should take you right to the page on my site with all the details (saves you all that searching).

Now let's get to my SOS -- SandiOnSwinging.com update.

Lust & Kisses
.... Sandi

Open Relationship

When you are single and consider yourself a polyamorist then at what point do you tell the girl you are dating that you are into having an Open Relationship?...

Did You Know?

According to Playboy, more women talk dirty during sex than men. This is good because I know a lot of guys who really get off on hearing dirty talk!

Sperm can also be an excellent anti-aging treatment as it has a tightening effect on the skin

How To Deal With Penis Jealousy In The Swinging Lifestyle

Are you worried that your partner may find someone who has a bigger penis than you. Well I hate to tell you, that unless you are hung like a horse (and even then you're not safe) there is a very good chance that you will end up getting together with someone bigger than you. In life there will always be someone bigger, faster, stronger, has more stamina than you. And the Swinging LifeStyle will bring him out.

Threesome Fantasy

Are you interested in having a Threesome, but have no idea where to go to find your first partner to join the two of you. Frank gives Rob some advice on getting started in their very first Threesome...

Quickie Sex Tip

Luscious lips attract the attention of males.Big red lips are a turn on,so don't be afraid of using bold colors and lots of shiny lip gloss.

Lifetime Membership Offer

Our Lifetime Membership is now a permanent option, as so many have taken advantage of me... I me it already, that I didn't feel right taking it away from those of you who have not grabbed me... I mean it, yet.

So check out our Lifetime Gold membership for only $199. Just think, no more having to remember to renew your membership, no missing out on reading your emails because your membership changed to a Bronze level... you would have UNLIMTED access for the rest of your life!!! How cool is that? Click to find out more about our Lifetime Swingers Membership.

Swingers Cruises

If you have not been on one of our cruises yet, what are you waiting for? I know there are quite a few to choose from and the choices can be overwhelming, but that should not stop you from booking. Let us help you figure out which one would be the best fit for the two of you, just give us a call and we will do our best to guide you.

  • Nov 2013 - Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico. (Limited Cabins Available!)
  • Jan 2014 - Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen (includes Loyalty Reward Program)
  • May 2014 - Mexican Rivera for a change of venue, not to mention change of coast
  • Nov 2014 - Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

Also Don't Forget....

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Final Comment....

That's it you are now all up to date. Hope that didn't hurt too much, unless you wanted it to hurt that is ;-)

See you soon, and remember if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions I would love to hear from you... good or bad, I can take it.

Last, but not least, Thank You for being one of my Newsletter readers. You are very important to both of us.

Lust and Kisses... Sandi & Ted too

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Tryst Travel

Adults Only Cruise

Swingers Full Ship Takeovers

Nov. 2013
Very few cabins are still available for this amazing cruise. (Updated
theme nights) Don't
miss out, and book this
cruise today.

Jan. 2014

Just a quickie Swingers Cruise Ship takeover. Going to Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen
(includes Loyalty Reward Program)

May 2014

For a change of venue we are headed to the Mexican Rivera, not to mention getting a change of coast. This Swingers Cruise Ship takeover is going to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada, Mexico.

Nov 2014

Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

Trust Me, You want to
be a part of at least
one of these
Trips of a Lifetime

Read our review of the
Nov. 2010 Cruise

(and each cruise just
keeps getting better)

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