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Sandi's Newsletter For Tryst & Tab Magazine.

I'm baaaaccckkk! LOL

Once again my newsletter is filled with summaries of the articles and updates from my website. I am running late in sending it out today so will get right to it. I'm sure you don't want to hear me ramble too much anyway. ;-)

Actually, just one order of business... If you had considered joining in on the cruise leaving November 10th (yes, I am talking two weeks this Sunday), this is your lucky day. We just had a last minute cancellation of a Grand Suite, call for details it won't last long. 1-866-697-2634 (toll free).

Now let's get to my SOS -- SandiOnSwinging.com update.

Lust & Kisses
.... Sandi

Want Your Wife To Have A Bi Lady Experience?

In honor of National Coming Out Day, which was on October 11th, I thought it would be fitting to write an article on becoming a bi lady. The problem is that you can't talk her into doing something she just doesn't want to do, but that does not mean she may not be interested. Let me help you find out if she is interested in Having a Lesbian Experience...

Swinging Sex Facts

Exercise has something to do with how easily you orgasm. This one compares the difficulty a woman has achieving an orgasm based on whether or not she likes to exercise. From the results, it looks like you better suck it up and start enjoying that morning run, ladies.

Erotic Photo Gallery Update

It has been a while since Ted has done an update to his Erotic Photo Gallery but he did one early this week, putting the grand total of photos online upto 788,675!

11 Erotic Photo Gallery Categories Updated:

  • All New Kinky Leather & VinylCaged Ladies
  • East Indian Ladies
  • Fitness Girls
  • Freckles
  • Friends Fuckin
  • Girlfriends Part 2
  • Glass Dildos
  • Just Plain Weird
  • Party Girls
  • Puffy Nipples
  • Sex Swing

Check out more info on his Erotic Photo update...

Did You Know?

Donald Duck was once banned in Finland because he doesn't wear trousers and it was considered too risqué.

How To Join A Clique At A Swingers Club

Getting into a group of friends at a swingers club can seem impossible, but I will give you some tips to help you out. Next things you know you are in the group. Swingers Club Information...

You Might Be A Swinger If...

You check in to one room at a hotel and there are six adults at the counter.

Lifetime Membership Offer

Our Lifetime Membership is now a permanent option, as so many have taken advantage of me... I mean it... already, that I didn't feel right taking it away from those of you who have not grabbed me... I mean it, yet. ;-) Click to find out more about our Lifetime Swingers Membership.

Swingers Cruises

If you have not been on one of our cruises yet, what are you waiting for? I know there are quite a few to choose from and the choices can be overwhelming, but that should not stop you from booking. Let us help you figure out which one would be the best fit for the two of you, just give us a call (1-866-697-2634 toll free) and we will do our best to guide you.

  • Nov 2013 - Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico. (Limited Cabins Available!)
  • Jan 2014 - Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen (includes Loyalty Reward Program)
  • May 2014 - Mexican Rivera for a change of venue, not to mention change of coast
  • Nov 2014 - Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

Also Don't Forget....

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Final Comment....

That's it you are now all up to date. Hope that didn't hurt too much, unless you wanted it to hurt that is ;-)

See you soon, and remember if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions I would love to hear from you... good or bad, I can take it.

Last, but not least, Thank You for being one of my Newsletter readers. You are very important to both of us.

Lust and Kisses... Sandi & Ted too

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Tryst Travel

Erotic Resorts - These are resorts which cater to Swingers, but don't worry you don't have to be a swinger to go to these resorts, but they will give you that erotic atmosphere that is so enjoyable (at least to me).

Adults Only Cruise

Swingers Full Ship Takeovers

Nov. 2013
Very few cabins are still available (last minute Grand Suite just opened) for this amazing cruise. (Updated
Cruise Info) This ship is leaving soon, will you be on it.

Jan. 2014

Just a quickie Swingers Cruise Ship takeover. Going to Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen
(includes Loyalty Reward Program). Updated: Oceanview cabins have been reduced.

May 2014

For a change of venue we are headed to the Mexican Rivera, not to mention getting a change of coast. This Swingers Cruise Ship takeover is going to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada, Mexico.

Nov 2014

Labadee Haiti, Roatan Honduras & Cozumel Mexico.

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