At last, after over a week of hard work and the help of my trusty backup programmer (and enough cursing and swearing to make me a sailor :-)) , I finally got the Top Member, Newest Members and the Latest Gallery Uploads back on the main page. Just take a look to the right to see them. I hope you appreciate the hard work it took. I think it looks good, how about you? ….. Sandi (from SandiOnSwinging.com)

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    • Rob and Judi
    • June 15, 2010

    Great update to the site Sandi… keep up the GREAT work…. Rob and Judi

    • jvst
    • June 16, 2010

    Yes it looks very good.
    Make sure you wash his mouth with soap lmao.

    1. Reply

      Actually, it was me that was turning into a sailor. So I guess he will have to wash my mouth out 🙂 … Sandi

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