swingers kissing and hugging on the bed in bedroom

Just Found Out Our Best Friends Are Swingers

Just Found Out Our Best Friends Are Swingers And We Are Not – Should We Dump Them? You bet, those filthy disgusting swingers LOL. Honestly it depends on your comfort level with their Lifestyle choice and how long you have been best friends. I assume that if you have known them for a long time, […]

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Baby Steps For 1st Time Swingers

Like all new things in life, you have to learn how to walk before you can run, the same can be said for swingers. The same holds true with swinging. You can learn anything in life by yourself, but the road is much harder to travel and you usually hit a lot of bumps along […]

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Protecting Your Privacy On Adult Dating & Swinger Websites

Finding Sex on Swinger Websites Finding great sex has become easier and has taken on a whole new perspective with adult dating websites and online personals websites. Online is a convenient way to meet people close to hope or in a travel destination. You no longer need to hang out at swingers bars hoping to […]

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