Fetish Mistress in Fetish Boots

International Fetish Day

So did you know that today (January 17th) is the day that Perverts Wear Purple? It’s true… Today is International Fetish Day, and there are so many ways you can celebrate. Wearing something kinky under your regular clothes when you go to work. Have a kinky Tryst at lunch. Play with some ties or scarfs […]

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What Fetishes May Reveal About Your Childhood

Surprise, regular ordinary steamy-hot sex just doesn’t cut it for everyone (I sure like it though). Some need to fulfill a fetish which adds a much needed spark to get them off. Where exactly do fetishes come from, no one is really sure, but we are going to ask for some help from Freud to […]

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How to Admit to a Foot Fetish

This page is to show you how to admit to your partner that you have a foot fetish. Steps Make subtle hints, look at your partners feet now and then and allow yourself to be seen doing so. After doing so, offer your partner a foot massage on a regular basis, this will allow your […]

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How to Enjoy Your Fetish

Most men have a fetish: some have foot fetishes while others are into cross-dressing. Life is short. So ask yourself: do you want to enjoy your fetish as much as humanly possible? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

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