Coping With The Anxiety Of Meeting A New Couple

How to cope with the anxiety of meeting a new couple and break the ice. For a lot of couples, meeting another couple in the lifestyle can be incredibly nerve wracking, whether you’re a newbie or already have some experience. And even though the intention of what you’re hoping to do are understood, it can […]

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Passion Lube Review

Lubricant is one must-have product that all couples need in the bedroom – whether heterosexual or homosexual, twenties or sixties – it comes in handy for everyone involved. Passion Lubes is a natural lubricant that’s water-based. It comes in a 16 or 32-ounce container and it’s one of the top selling lubricants on the market. […]

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Using Body Language To Your Benefit

A lot of talk goes on about Body language, however, very few people take the time and effort learn what it is really all about. Whether they realize it or not, body language is very important with women — not just in how you position your body when around her, but also in how well […]

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What to Expect When you go on a Swingers Cruise Takeover

I wrote this article with two different people in mind. The first is for the first time cruiser (people who have never been on a cruise ship before whether just a regular cruise or with other lifestyle people). And the other person in mind is for the seasoned lifestyle traveler. This is based on my […]

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