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How To Get Invited To A House Sex Party?

I want to get invited to a house sex party, how do I do it? Sorry to have to give you the bad news, but Swinging is mainly a couples activity, especially when it comes to house parties. That being said there are still quite a few couples who are looking to have a threesome, […]

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Sex Issues

Performance Issues Causing Her To Want To Stop Swinging

My wife doesn’t want to swing anymore because the guys don’t seem to be able to get it up. What’s wrong with them?Signed, Confused & Frustrated Dear C&F, Believe it or not, that is a very common issue within the swinging community. I am glad you are thinking what is wrong with them, the only […]

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What To Do When Your Friends Are Swingers

Hi Sandi We are not swingers, but we just found out our best friends are. Should we dump them? Why? I mean why would you not stay friends with them? Nothing has changed within your relationship. They just like to have fun with other couples, which you are not interested in doing. No harm… no […]

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