Seducing Women

butt massage

Say It With A Massage

Once you have catered to your partner’s appetite for Valentine’s day and finish some of the household cleaning duties, it is time to prepare for a treat. What’s more you will have some time to enjoy it! What I am talking about is a sensual massage. At the end of the day many women say […]

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Attracting A Woman

How to Attract A Woman An absolute must when talking about seduction is touching (as in non-sexual physical contact). You must first establish a basic level of mutual attraction before you can successfully pickup a woman. In other words, before you can move onto kissing and/or sleeping with her, you MUST first include a good […]

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Stripper Girlfriend Not As The Fantasy

Stripper Girlfriend needs constant attention from him! Dear Frank My girlfriend is a stripper. I am 22 years old, and she is my first girlfriend. I got her using what I learned reading your book, Everything Out of Her Mouth is A Test. I have no problem dealing with the fact she strips for men […]

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Using Humour When Meeting Couples For Sex

Dating isn’t easy, and Swinging is just dating for couples, but we all know the women are in charge so this is mainly written with you men in mind. When you first meet someone you want to make a good impression, but those first few dates can sometimes be awkward. When you’re trying to talk […]

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