Open Relationship


Relationship or Just Sex?

Dear Frank, I’ve recently got back in touch with the woman I dated when I was in college and she seems interested again. She is the only girl I ever really loved, but I am not sure I even want to get into a relationship with her again. I was really messed up when she […]

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FMF Threesome

Three’s Company

Meeting Cheryl was a real chance encounter… I was scrambling to find a venue for a small office event at the eleventh hour and was disappointed to find out even the last place that I inquired was not available for that time. But the sweet lady who answered my phone call was kind enough to […]

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She Wants More Sexual Experiences

She Doesn’t Want To Hurt Him, But Wants More Sexual Experiences. What Are Her Options? Dear Frank, I’m a 22 year old woman. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 2 years. We’ll call him ‘Steve’. I do love him, and I enjoy being with him. My problem is that lately I’ve been […]

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Sex Buddy That Withholds Sex

Why is Sex Buddy withholding Sex? Dear Frank, What advice do you have for a guy that wants his sex-buddy back, but only as a sex-buddy? I have been seeing a girl for almost a year. We are sex-buddies. We only get together when neither of us is seeing anyone else seriously. Lately though when […]

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