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Erotic Getaways To Enjoy

So you are thinking of a sexy erotic getaway with your significant other, or maybe a group of swinger friends are wanting to hang out together and “play”. Well let me give you a quickie overview of some of your options.

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Who Goes On Swinger Cruises?

Swinger’s takeover cruises have been around now for a few years, and I thought it was about time to put together some of the popular questions I get asked on a regular basis to help you decide if a swinger cruise is right for you. Wondering what the atmosphere on the cruises is like? Obviously […]

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What to Expect When you go on a Swingers Cruise Takeover

I wrote this article with two different people in mind. The first is for the first time cruiser (people who have never been on a cruise ship before whether just a regular cruise or with other lifestyle people). And the other person in mind is for the seasoned lifestyle traveler. This is based on my […]

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Hedo Renovation Update

Hedo II has been needing renovations for way to long and it is so great to see that the new owners are being true to their word and are giving our favourite resort some TLC. (Didn’t know the resort had been sold?, you need to read about the Hedo II sale.) Below is a recent […]

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