Now that I have your attention, there are some housekeeping matters we need to attend to. I promise to cover all the good parts, but only for a couple of minutes then we can get back to having some fun… Sandi

Sponsors, Advertisers, and Affiliate Disclosure

In order to comply with the FTC affiliate disclosure guidelines, here’s what you can assume about the posts, links, videos, recommendations, reviews – pretty much all of the content you will find on (or any other site we own).

We are bloggers and we get paid to blog either with money, products, services, or special favours.

The content on this site is provided free of charge to visitors, readers, and viewers.

Creating and providing such high quality content and providing it freely to our viewers on an ongoing basis costs time and money, but we are able to offer this free service to our readers and viewers because of the generous support of our partners, sponsors, affiliate partners, and advertisers.

Whenever possible, any product or service referred to from us is linked to by way of an affiliate link. Such affiliate links are used in all cases and wherever possible and feasible to do so, regardless of whether the product/service is recommended highly or recommended against, meaning that the use of an affiliate link does not in any way imply endorsement or lack recommendation against any particular product.

In summary, you can make the following assumptions about the ALL of the posts you see on our site.

  • We make money from almost all we publish on It is either a sponsored post (we got paid to write it), or we are recommending a product or service that we get an affiliate commission for.
  • Every link on the site may be an affiliate link and if you purchase the product on the other end of the link, you can assume we will probably make a commission from that sale (so thank you).
  • Product reviews are sometimes sponsored. Meaning we got paid to write it and we probably got the product for free in exchange so as to be able to review it. That does not necessarily mean that we endorse the product, just that we may have gotten free stuff and/or some money to write the review.
  • If we recommend a product or service via any social media outlet, it’s a sponsored post. We got paid to post it.

I hope that clears things up, but if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.