Married Sex

Sexy swinging woman sitting with nerd male

Watches Porn Without Her

She gets jealous when he watches porn without her!

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How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex Again

It is very tough and emotionally straining to live in a sexless marriage, sex is an intrigal part of life. You are dealing with feelings of being confused, rejected, hurt, and maybe even afraid of the future. You love your wife, you try to do well by her, but she seems to have turned away […]

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Have Better Sex With Your Wife

Women get MORE sexual as they get older, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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5 Reasons Why Sexless Marriages Happen

It is often not clear why a marriage devolves into a sexless state. Often, this is a marriage that used to be filled with intimacy, but now the passion has disappeared. If you’re living in a sexless marriage, you may be feeling confused and scared. You may also be wondering why this is happening to […]

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