How to Enjoy Your Fetish

Fetish Mistress in Fetish Boots

Most men have a fetish: some have foot fetishes while others are into cross-dressing. Life is short. So ask yourself: do you want to enjoy your fetish as much as humanly possible? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.


  1. If you’re a “newbie” to your fetish, you can start by typing it in to a search engine and seeing what comes up. Chances are you’ll find a ton of free galleries and paid sites involving your fetish. If the dedicated sites have message boards, check those out too to learn more, ask questions, and make contacts. Also see what information the Wikipedia site has about your fetish. And you can always browse sites like eBay for related items (accessories, books, magazines, photos, videos) as well as adult toy stores (both retail & online).
  2. If there’s a term for your fetish, it’s probably on video or DVD. Start with the adult section of your local video store as well as adult video stores (including online stores). Again, check eBay. Run searches online for movie galleries of your fetish – chances are they exist. Another great source of footage are free video sites like YouTube.
  3. Looking for others to indulge in your fetishes? Check out your local erotic paper for personal ads. You can also try Craigslist and MySpace to find girls there. But proceed with caution: you never know who you’re dealing with on general public sites.
  4. Why find a girl in the erotic paper or Craigslist when there are tons of hot girls on Adult Dating sites. To help girls find you, describe which fetishes you’re into on your profile. And of course, search for girls who are open to your fetishes. With millions and million of Adult Dating members, you’re bound to come into contact with at least one who’ll be happy to play with you.

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