5 Reasons Why Sexless Marriages Happen

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It is often not clear why a marriage devolves into a sexless state. Often, this is a marriage that used to be filled with intimacy, but now the passion has disappeared.

If you’re living in a sexless marriage, you may be feeling confused and scared. You may also be wondering why this is happening to you.

There are many possible reasons but today I want to share with you 5 common ones:

1. Post-pregnancy problems – Often, after a woman gives birth, the dynamics in the relationship change. The man may now view his wife as something other than his spouse.

He may consider her to be mother, instead, and so lose his desire for her.

The wife may also stop wanting intimacy due to hormonal changes and the obligations
of motherhood.

2. Affair – An affair by one spouse can lead to lack of intimacy in the marriage. As their needs are met elsewhere, there is simply a lack of desire or perhaps even love for the other partner.

3. Physical reasons – Injury, accidents, illnesses, and even medication can cause a loss of libido for both men and women. This is something you should talk about with your doctor to make sure you are not worrying over something that has nothing to do with the actual relationship in the marriage.

4. Stress or lack of communication – There’s no doubt that stress is a mood killer. In
today’s busy world with our long work hours and shortage of time for ourselves, it’s no
wonder people are more tired and less in the mood. Often, a sexless marriage will occur
in marriages where the two partners are so busy working that they hardly see each other.

5. A boring routine – Some marriages just drift into a lack of intimacy. They get stuck
in a boring routine which is without excitement, flare, or interest. It is quite easy for these
marriage to lose their physical aspect.

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