Her Cheating Turns Him On

 She Cheated

Her Cheating Ways, Just Turn Him On Even More Than Before!

Dear Frank,
My wife had a 4-year affair with her boss 20 years ago. She told me about it only recently. It hurt bad, I could not eat or sleep for days. We went for help but the funny thing is that I now want more sex than before. It would turn me on, thinking about what she told me. She told how much he said he enjoyed it; how good it felt… and then when I thought about it I got turned on and I forgave her. I am now 62 she’s 61. I’m still in love with her, so I forgave her. But I have to know, has any one else had this happen and it hurt him but he would want to have more sex???
-Husband in Heat

Dear HIH,

Yes. You will find the answer to this in the book Sperm Wars by Michael Wiederman. The idea is that the energy behind sexual jealousy, when re-channeled, can make the male orgasm more pleasurable. Although I am paraphrasing his work, basically, the premise is when a man feels that his female mate might be, or is, having sex with another male, his body responds by increasing his sex drive. This is to do two things. The first is to replenish his sperm more often, because he senses that the other male’s competing sperm might be inside her.  The second is that his body produces an even more intense orgasm in him to expel more sperm from him, in order to compete with the other man’s sperm inside her and to encourage him further have more sex with her.

This is something that happens quite often for men in the swinger lifestyle, they come to get very turned on watching their wives have sex with other men. It is the same energy that sexual jealousy is derived from. Just re-channeled into a more pleasure way, instead of getting violent. Much more productive use of that energy, don’t you think? Hope this helps.

~Frank, because I have to be
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