Seven Ways To Seduce Your Woman Again

Has the steam gone out of your relationship? Do long for the loving and excitement of your early times together?

Well you can! The idea is to think of different romantic things to try.

1) Unless your woman is very unusual, flowers can make all the difference. Not just any flowers, her favourite would be the best, but if you aren’t sure you can’t go wrong with red roses as they symbolize passion and romance. Bring a lovely bunch of roses and toss flower heads into a fragrantly scented bath for a romantic bath time.

2) Share a shower and cover each other in slippery soap, use this opportunity to caress her body from top to bottom and admire it. Then rub your slippery body against hers to drive her wild.

3) Make time for a weekend getaway, ideally somewhere romantic like Amsterdam, New York or Paris, but just getting away together would work.

4) Start really listening to your partner. Woman usually love to talk and if you listen carefully you will learn a lot about her needs and desires. As a bonus she will love you for listening.

5) Try to do something spontaneous. Many men have difficulty being spontaneous, but if you try she will really appreciate the effort. If you can prove to your partner that just being in her company makes you happy she will respond and feel happier herself. Nothing elaborate is needed, just grabbing her had while out for a walk and then sneak in a kiss or two.

6) Every woman likes to be complimented¬†— not only on her appearance but also her manner or a particularly good meal she has made an effort to cook for you. Showing you appreciate her will go a long way.

7) Show her you are thinking about her pleasure, make sure to pay attention when you make love to see what she likes. Try some new moves and pay attention to which ones she responds to. Buy her a sex toy or some sexy lingerie, or if she likes role play, a sexy outfit.

These seven ideas should help you get a start on sparking things up. Of course there are many other ways, so try to come up with your own, we just wanted to help you get started to seduce your lady.

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