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How To Introduce Your Partner To Swinging
eBook Review Update

To quote Michael “Sharing sexual fantasies (including swinging) is the RESULT of a great relationship, rather than the other way around.

This book will teach you How To Turn Your Wife Into A Swinger
Written By: Michael Andrews

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I really like how this book doesn’t just dive right into the sexual side of swinging, Michael actually discusses what you need in your relationship before you even consider swinging. This is something that Ted and I preach to newbies all the time… You need to have your relationship in order before you invite others into your bedroom.

Rating: ★★★★½

Updated Review:
Michael changed the name of his book to “How To Introduce Your Partner to Swinging”, partly because some people took that title to imply a guy ‘tricking’ wife into becoming involved in something against her will — which it certainly was not about at all. Plus there are probably as many women as men who are interested in exploring their sexual fantasies (including swinging), but who have a reluctant partner.

So this book, “How To Introduce Your Partner to Swinging: The Loving Approach to Overcoming Fears or Reluctance” is written for both men and women. It is completely revised and contains some additional new material as well.

First off I must say just the reasoning behind Michael writing this updated version makes me very happy to promote his book. You have no idea how many calls I get from women who want to try swinging with their partner, but are not sure how to approach him.

There is now a whole section on what Women really want, plus what Men really want, because let’s all face it… non of us know what the other sex is really all about. Anything that helps us understand each other more can only be good.

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