Passion Lube Review


Lubricant is one must-have product that all couples need in the bedroom – whether heterosexual or homosexual, twenties or sixties – it comes in handy for everyone involved.

Passion Lubes is a natural lubricant that’s water-based. It comes in a 16 or 32-ounce container and it’s one of the top selling lubricants on the market. While consumers say it dries quickly, they still wouldn’t buy a different brand – and the pump on the bottle makes it easy to reapply quickly whenever you need it.

Some couples use it on their bodies or with the use of sex toys, and some individuals use it when they’re alone. Because it’s water-based, there’s no messy clean-up detail.

Unlike some lubricants, it’s free of glycerin. It’s safe for those who have sensitive skin – there’s no burning or itching when you use this lubricant. It’s much better than using lotion.

Most people who buy the Passion Lubes product buy the 32-ounce version, which they say lasts forever, but comes in handy for reapplication. One perk is that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like many lubricants do.

Some lubricants, when you buy them, are made with a certain scent as part of the product. Not Passion Lubes. It’s odorless, which is perfect for many couples who simply want the wet feeling without the added aromas.

Some people don’t prefer a water-based lubricant – they want something thicker. So you’ll have to decide if you want a natural, watery feel or something more substantial.

Of course, you should check with your lovemaking partner, too – since the lubricant will affect both of you. See if he or she is allergic to any ingredients before purchasing something.

You can find Passion Lubes on Amazon in Canada and on Passion Lube US

Lubricants can be applied during foreplay, lovemaking, and masturbation sessions. The water-based lubes can easily help with the use of sex toys, if you and your partner are utilizing those.



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