Stroke by Stroke Book Review

Help with Hand JobsSo we all know that men LOVE hand jobs but very few know how to do it properly. So is Michael Webb’s latest edition worth reading? Let’s find out!

I though Michael’s books on cunnilingus and fellatio (oral sex) were fantastic and I was delighted by this follow-up guide on hand jobs. Just like men need very good tips and advice on how to finger a woman, women definitely need a thorough guide on stroking their man.

I’ve actually seen some writing on this subject by women but naturally the best expert on the subject has to be a man. Fortunately, Michael is one of the world’s leading sex experts and has an email list of over 100,000 men he can seek for adviceĀ – which he did for this book.

You would think that all you would need are just a few great stokes but as I read the book I realized there is so much more to giving an amazing hand job. A few ordinary strokes might get a guy off, but if you want to be able to give the sort of hand job experience that will have men addicted to you and begging for your smooth hands then you need to read what Michael has written.

I loved the section on setting the stage. He gave some fantastic advice on what to do (and NOT to do) to get your man ready. Put the right plans in place and his experience will skyrocket.

The section on strokes was very thorough and there were a lot more variations than I would have thought. But the favorite section for me was on all the ways you can take it over the top with some pretty simple things. The idea about using the base of an electric toothbrush on his balls was brilliant! Michael gave so many more great tips that I am very eager to try out.

I thought his section of places to give a hand job could have been expanded a bit but I guess anyone with an imagination (or experience) could come up with dozens of more places on their own.

I’d probably say Stroke by Stroke is in the top 3 lovemaking books I’ve read (and I’ve reviewed over 100). Give a man a great hand job and he’ll do just about anything for the next one. This book will teach you exactly how to have that sort of power in your hands!

For more information, on: hand jobs click the link and enjoy!

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