Bad News From Sandi

Some of you may have been wondering why the site has not been updated as much lately. Well I have some terrible news to give you, if you have not heard already, which explains everything.

Ted is now Swinging from the gates of Heaven!!

It is with a heavy heart that I have to share with you that Ted’s life came to an untimely and unexpected end one month ago. That is the day we lost a great man who touched many many lives. Way more than he would have ever imagined. I do know that he will be missed by those who had the privilege to know him over the years.

The celebration of Ted’s life was held Saturday November 30th, 2013 and those of you that knew Ted, fully understand that he would have wanted it no other way but to be a celebration and we all did our best to keep it that way.

Thank you all for your support and prayers, they mean a lot to not only me but his family as well.

~Sandi Andersen

ps. Don’t worry about the future of this site, I have every intention on keeping everything running and will be hard at work on it, with many updates, very soon. Ted and I have worked way too hard over the years for me to not continue the site and make it even better and stronger than ever before in his honor! If you wish, please feel free to comment on how Ted has touched your life. This will make a nice memorial for Ted. I’m sure he will be checking in from Heaven. 😉

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