Hot Swingers Visit

Hot Swingers

Went to visit friends (I told you about the hot swingers last month when we did some role play) on the the weekend. They sure are fun. We had talked about the girls dressing in Dom outfits, but we have both been fighting a cold, but were feeling good enough to visit, so we put the Dom night off for another time.

Our friends, I will call them our “hot swingers“, disappeared for a few minutes and the next thing I know they come out as Dr. Ben Dover and his lovely assistant Nurse Lick-a-Lot (I told you they were hot!). They take me downstairs and then proceeded to give me a full body exam. I am talking from top to bottom, I don’t think they missed an inch. There was a lot of internal temperature taking (they sure did raise my temperature), but overall they did give me a clean bill of health.

Once I was done, we decided that my hubby needed some TLC, so I was hired as the hot swingers receptionist so I could help Nurse Lick-a-Lot with his exam. For some reason Dr. Ben Dover did not want to assist, he did however supervise… giving commentary along the way. It was decided that my sick hubby was also going to survive.

Once we finished taking turns making sure everyone was in good health, we had to take that long trip home in the snow storm.

Now we can’t wait to visit our friends, the Hot Swingers, again
(I hope they like their new nickname)

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