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Anal Sex

Overview of Anal Sex

A lot of people think that anal sex is something only gay men do, but nothing could be further from the truth. American studies show that as much as 10% of heterosexual couples practice anal sex on a regular basis. Meaning that the number of heterosexuals engaging in the act is much higher than their homosexual counterparts.

The Kinsey Institute researchers reviewed seven major studies and surveys going back 40 years to establish the number of people who had tried anal sex and concluded that at least 39% of women had had anal sex at some point. And quite a few still engage in Anal Sex on a semi-regular basis.

Figures for gay men vary from study to study, but all agree that it is not the preferred sexual practice for all gay men. In western society there is fear that anal intercourse is accompanied by severe trauma to the rectal and anal walls, commonly leading to bleeding. This is a notion that is not backed by fact. As long as sufficient lubrication is used there should be no injury to the receiver at all.

Be aware of the serious safety issues regarding anal sex. Most Important, whatever touches the anus shouldn’t be touching anything else. Never ever take the penis out of the anus and put it into the vagina. That can lead to serious infections and other complications. After any kind of anal play, you should immediately change condoms and wash the relevant body parts thoroughly.

History Of Anal Sex

Anal eroticism is probably the oldest manifestation of human sexuality. Doctors know that most children and even infants as young as two years old enjoy exploring the sensations that come from inserting objects into the anus. That feeling is never lost and in adult life the anus remains an area of erotic potential.

Many ancient Peruvian pottery and clay vessels dating back to 400 BC show a male and female figure involved in anal sex. It is behavior that was known and commonly practiced in this and other cultures. In foreplay, touching, kissing and licking the area around the anus is commonplace and at least half of all married couples have experimented with anal intercourse as part of their lovemaking.

Some found it sufficiently interesting to include it in their lovemaking repertoire. Others who found it uncomfortable or displeasing have taken it off their list.

A survey of 5000 married couples in rural Brazil found that in 40% of households anal sex was a regular event. In the urban area of Rio de Janeiro the figure was even higher at 50%. Many couples practice anal sex to avoid pregnancy, contact with menstrual blood or injury to the hymen before marriage.

Anal Sex, Physical Considerations

Is your partner pushing for you to try Anal Sex? You should not go directly to anal sex, instead build up to it by trying anal stimulation before full penetration. The area around the anus is very sensitive and some people find it to be their most erogenous zone. Stimulating this area gives deep sexually pleasurable feelings.

To start try merely touching your partner’s anus during intercourse or oral sex. A woman can be stimulated if a well-lubricated finger is inserted into her rectum and moved gently in and out. Make sure your fingernails are short and smooth as the skin is very fragile to cuts. Once your finger is in just a little, stay still so that your partner can become used to the sensation. You may find that the anus sucks you a bit further in and if that is the case go with it. If practicing anal sex with a woman, keep the heel of your hand pressed firmly between the vulva and the anus. Little by little you can slide your whole finger in but make sure to not force it and that your partner is comfortable every step of the way.

A man can be stimulated in much the same way by his partner. Stimulating his prostrate gland can increase the strength of his orgasm ten fold. Stimulate it by pressing against the front wall of the rectum with slight downward pressure.

Keep the heel of your hand applying firm pressure behind his scrotum. The stimulation can often help a man’s flagging virility. As with stimulating a woman, make sure that your finger (or fingers) are well lubricated or the whole experience will cause discomfort.

When both partners are ready for anal sex the man must lubricate his penis well, using a good quality lube and not spit) and then inserting himself slowly and gently. The first time (or times) it may be that he will only be able to penetrate a short distance, but if both become relaxed and comfortable with the idea the penetration will become deeper. At no stage should the man force things. The man should be prepared to put the head of his penis in, then stop and wait for a minute while his partner relaxes. When his partner is relaxed he can then begin to thrust with a gentle rhythm. The man should not withdraw quickly because that could cause pain for his partner. Keeping her relaxed through the whole process is key, rub her back or stomach (depending on your position) even gentle kisses can make all the difference in the world.

Anal Sex, How To Enjoy It Safely

The biggest misconception is that anal sex causes AIDS. Anal sex does not cause AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease if neither partner is infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) or an infectious organism. If neither partner has the virus the risk of AIDS is zero. However, anal intercourse appears to be a sexual activity that allows HIV – if it is present – to be transmitted more easily than any other sexual option. Doctors believe this happens because the anal and rectal tissues are more likely to be damaged, providing easy access for the virus into the bloodstream.

Anal intercourse carries a greater risk of HIV infection for women than the risk from vaginal intercourse. Both partners should remember that although harmful bacteria are not often present in the bowel it is NOT HYGIENIC FOR A PENIS OR FINGER TO ENTER THE VAGINA AFTER WITHDRAWAL FROM THE RECTUM. Wash your hands or penis thoroughly before entering the vagina. As with any area of sexual activity IT IS ADVISABLE – if you do not, as a matter of absolute certainty, know your partner’s sexual history – TO WEAR A CONDOM.

Anal Sex, Who Has It?

The American magazine Redbook surveyed 100,000 married women on their sex lives. Among the questions was: how many had tried anal intercourse – and enjoyed it. The survey established that:

43% of married women had tried anal intercourse
of these, 40% found it somewhat or very enjoyable
49% didn’t like it
and 10% had no particular feelings one way or the other

This shows that practicing anal intercourse – like other forms of sex – is a personal choice. Both partners have to be completely happy with the experience for it to be included in their lovemaking. My suggestion is to try it in a very relaxing state, and you never know, you just may enjoy anal sex!

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