Lingerie Helps Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

 Lingerie helps keep the spark

Many women, especially when they get settled into their relationships tend to start feeling too comfortable so they stop wearing lingerie, and with this comes a few things that anyone reading this will probably agree on…Maybe…you don’t dress as sexy any longer? You don’t come to bed for a night of steamy passion rather you come out of the bathroom in a pajama set or worse, shorts and a comfy t-shirt and the ultimate of bad? You stop shaving your legs on a daily basis.A few things can and will happen; he’ll notice for sure if you don’t seem as willing to initiate foreplay or want intercourse. He might tell you that you’re legs feel like he is rubbing up again a forest? Am I getting warmer? Look, where they might tend to drift off watching golf or sporting events and fall asleep on the couch or their favorite chair, we may feel that they are too tired for passion which leads to us getting a tad bit lazy when it comes to the bedroom. I get that, however, sometimes it’s nice to rekindle that magic that brought you both together in the beginning.

I think that too many people watch television too much or read forums about fantasies between couples and way too many people associate this with their own relationship which can be utterly toxic. No relationships are the same. For a variety of reasons not all couples have that constant need to get it on.

Sometimes, especially if you have been married or in a relationship for a while and even more so if you have children, you find yourselves getting sidetracked by events involving them and by the end of the day passion is right out the window. It happens. It is also normal so do not think for a moment that you are having relationship problems. It just might mean that your schedules are or have become far too busy for one another.

For the ladies, plan an evening just for him whereas you make him special. Give him a massage, cook him a special romantic dinner and serve it up in something that is sure to get his attention. For the guys, don’t forget to tell her how special she is from time to time, or every day for that matter. Say ‘I Love You’ more often. Tell her that she is pretty. Women love compliments just as men enjoy getting their egos stroked. Communication is key and whether your are doing it in a verbal or non-verbal way actions speak volume.

My non professional advice? Make the time. Make the time to show your lover or your partner that you care. Make the time to take a bubble bath together. Make the time to put on something sexy when you come to bed. Slinky to me is not sexy. I like something flowing or that covers my torso like babydoll lingerie or a chemise. Whatever your choice is, select the color that is vivid and right for you. Select the right size lingerie and the piece that makes you feel confident and sexy. You can keep the sparks in your relationship without having to bend over backwards for your partner to satisfy them. It only takes something little to ignite a spark…

Slip into something sensual and make tonight special. Okay guys, since the ladies are wearing lingerie again it’s your turn to check out ways to Seduce Women.

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