Men’s Underwear Options Are Getting Hotter

Men's Sexy Underwear

For years I was married and knew nothing about men’s underwear besides the fact that my hubby wore tighty whities. As a woman I bought underwear & lingerie for myself but never paid much attention to men’s underwear. Then I got a divorce and a few years later I learned more about both men’s and women’s undergarments. Growing up my Mom always raised me to wear matching underwear. Why? She said that if I were ever in an accident and they found me in underwear that did not match she would deny that I was her daughter. She was just joking of course, but it did get me to always ensure that what I was wearing underneath my clothes matched and looked fashionable and stylish, I guess old habits die hard.

Some people do not care what type of underthings they wear but they should. Some people lack confidence or think that they wouldn’t look good in certain undergarments. How do you know if you never try? Confidence comes from within and you don’t have to be a super model to wear something sexy. We feel good about ourselves no matter what size we are or how much we weigh. Inner beauty shines through and even if you are the only one that sees your underwear, it should be something that you feel great about walking around in the privacy of your own home in.

Today the underwear market is growing and both men and women are making purchases of fancy, slick undies that are arousing, intriguing and oh-so-sexy! For the makers of lingerie and intimate apparel the designers and retailers have the cutting edge on whats hot and whats not. Gone are the days where only men shop for women selecting them sexy bra sets and lingerie. The market of men’s underwear is exploding. In recent surveys it has been stated that consumers are more likely to plan their underwear purchases than their overall purchases of any other type of apparel thus allowing them to budget for more necessary things. 79 % of consumers stated that it was all about the style of the underwear.

While shoppers sought out underwear that would enhance their torso allowing them to feel comfy, they also looked for functionality. Globally the industry is estimated to be valued at over $30 billion. This research encompasses a wide range of intimate apparel and lingerie with bras taking up 50 % of the overall market. Men’s briefs are at 33 % of the overall market. Buy the end of 2015 the value is estimated to exceed $70 billion dollars in sales.

There are many key players in the lingerie and undergarment industry that contribute to the success of the rise in undies thus branding new merchandise that is more appealing to the eye. A variety of colors, fabrics and styles are what lure retailers in and what contribute to the rise in men’s underwear. Whether it be briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, men’s thongs, g-strings or whatever floats your boat, you should feel sexy in your choice. It doesn’t have to be a well known name either, I say if it looks good and you like it, buy it!

At our online store, our goal is to sell lingerie & underwear that is not only cost effective and comfortable, but also sexy too! Our collection is growing and our sales last year have risen 22 %, so we think we are doing something right. We hand select our underwear based on our own research and we’ve found that woman are paying increasingly more attention to what their guys are wearing and are therefore buying them something new to try. Some men may simply want to wear this new underwear in the bedroom and some may wear them all day long. Either way, men’s underwear is getting more and more SEXY!

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