Sensual Massage Guide

Your Sensual Massage Guide For Her Pleasure

Your Guide to the Basics of Sensual Massage

Women like the feel of human contact, that is no secret. It provides a feeling of comfort for them. That is one reason why massage is an excellent way to turn your lady into mush, getting her ready for more. Never underestimate the power of the sensual massage. As your hand strokes her body she will start to relax as well as get excited, That is if you do it right. This is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the basics of sensual massage.

Set The Mood

The setting needs to be relaxing for a Sexual Massage, so make sure it is neither too cold or too bright. Start by dimming the lights or turn them right off and light scented candles. For an extra soothing sensation, put on some soft music. I personally recommend some Al Green, but definitely choose music she likes. If you’re not sure, nature sounds or ambient noise CDs are a good alternative. Next you need to make sure it’s nice and warm in the room, or she won’t want to get naked, which would make it too hard to get her relaxed and ready for a Sensual Massage!

Lube Up

No, I am not talking about that kind of lube. If you apply a creamy lotion or oil to your palms before you start rubbing her down, it will allow your hands to glide across her skin more smoothly. Please make sure that you warm it up before you let any of that lotion touch her skin. Get something special that you only use for this purpose, and get it in a yummy flavor so you can lick it off of her later. The aroma of it will tingle her senses, heightening her experience of your Sexual Massage as well.

Master Your Strokes of Sexual Massage

Don’t press too hard, you are her sexual partner, not her athletic trainer. You don’t need to beat out tight spots or loosen up joints; your goal is relaxation. Slow and steady strokes are key. Avoid losing physical contact during the massage. It agitates the senses, which is counter productive to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Don’t Play Favorites

If you rub down one arm, you must rub down the other, sorry but thems the rules. Giving all of your attention to one part of her body will make her feel unbalanced and throw things off for later. Additionally, don’t do her right side and then her left. If you massage her right arm, do her left arm before moving on to her right leg and then her left. This applies not only to sensual massage, but to any intimate situation. If you suck on her left nipple, make sure you give attention to her right one. Conversely, if you spend time on her lower half, make sure you kiss her on her upper half to help balance things out.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming a Sexual Massage expert, and she will love you for it.

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