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Sex Toys

Introducing Sex Toys In Your Relationship

Are you one one of those couples who want to relive your initial days of love making? Don’t worry you are far from alone in that respect. Many couples find that over time they get bored with their sex lives as it becomes the same old, same old, and loses its electricity. The same old sex routine is performed time and time again. There is no excitement left, sex has become more of a release than anything else. After a certain period of time, frustration starts to creep into this type of relationship and can ultimately end up in a break-up. Luckily, there are things you can do to stop this from happening. Sex toys are one way to spark that charm back into your sex life.

Before introducing sex toys into your private time, you should work your way into things slowly, don’t come home with a fist sized dildo and say “look what I got for you honey”. Begin with a simple vibrator or regular size dildo. Once you both get acquainted with it, you can progress into more adventurous stuff like a strap-on dildo or anal toys. Never try to speed up things too fast. Take your time and play with them gently and smoothly. You will have a lot of time in the future to try new things, so just take it slowly at first and enjoy the experimentation. It is best if you and your partner shop together when it comes to buying sex toys, if you are a little bit shy or embarrassed with the idea of walking into a sex shop, why not shop online together. There are many sites where you can buy sex toys online from the comfort of your own home.

Sex toys require lot of lubricant as they do not produce any of their own while they are entered into your partner’s pussy. It can be painful inserting a dry toy when she is also dry. If your partner’s vagina is not wet enough to enjoy the inserting of toys, lubes are an easy way to fix that situation, so we suggest buying some lube at the same time as your new toy. If you are not keep on using lubes then you will have to do some ground work yourself, by getting her revved up before toy play… can you say oral sex? Select those sex toys that reflect your sexual behavior and desires. Flexibility is very vital here. There are many options, so if one type doesn’t work for both of you, keep trying. Online sites like aids in the buying of dildos and many other sex toys, while maintaining the privacy of their customers. They sell an array of sex tools and vibrators to take your sexual pleasure to a new heights. Honestly, sex toys can be so much fun, so why not give it a try?

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