Top Five Tips for Writing A Swinger’s Profile

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I often get asked how to write a great profile ad, so I thought I would give you my five top tips to help you meet swingers.

As I read thru the profiles on swingers websites one of the things that really strikes me is that some people know how to write a great personal ad / profile while others are left nearly clueless.

Whether you are writing a profile or responding to one your mission is to communicate to someone who has never met you what a wonderful and fun person you really are. Take the time to write something that not only describes the “true you”, but also sets you apart from everyone else.

For instance I’ve heard from many people that single guys “are a dime a dozen”. That may be so, but with a well worded profile you can still attract attention. I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve had an account on a swinger’s website for the past few months and despite the fact that I’m a single male I’ve been able to hook up with several couples. It’s no accident that my response rate has been so good.

Major Mojo’s Top Five Tips for Writing Personal Ads

1) Ads with pictures get more responses, it’s just that simple. Most people are not looking for Ken and Barbie so don’t be afraid to show the world what you’ve got; odds are most people will like what they see, even if you don’t think you look so great.

2) Be descriptive and elaborate on your unique qualities. Tell the reader what separates you from every other person’s profile.

3) Be courteous and always respond to an inquiry, even if it is to say “no thanks”. Now that is only polite.

4) This may sound trivial, but proofread your profile before you post it! An ad with multiple spelling errors says to the world that your ad is not worth reading.

5) Be honest. Don’t tell readers that you are a 25 year old nymph with DD tits if you are 40 and have a hard time filling a C cup. And guys, don’t say you’re packing a 10 inch salami when you know all you’ve got is a cocktail weenie. How many times do women have to say it before we believe it? Size doesn’t matter! But being disappointed does.

Here is what some swingers have to say about writing a profile on a swinger’s site.

How important is a picture in determining if you will respond to an ad?

Richard: Very important. Not so much about whether I’ll respond, but more whether I’ll even look at it. If there are ones with pictures, I look at all of those first.

Jane: Not very. It’s more about what the person says in his or her ad than how they look.

Roxanne: It depends on who is doing the searching. If the women are very good looking that is something my boyfriend would like immediately.

John and Betty: The spoken word is far more persuasive than just a pretty face.

What kind of things do you want to know about someone (i.e. height, weight, sexual preference, age)?

Tabitha: If they want to tell me all of that, that is fine, but not a requirement. A picture can really help with that.

Julie: Basically if they sound quirky enough. I don’t really care that much about appearance.

Lucy and Ricky: All of those are important. Also what are their likes and dislikes, kinks, turn-ons, turn-offs and what exactly they want out of their ad.

What has your response been to personal ads that you have run?

Fred and Sue: Usually we’ve had a fairly good response. Most of the people we have met online we have remained friendly with.

Gina: There are too many fakes and it’s really hard to find like-minded couples or singles that want to develop an ongoing friendship with exciting times.

George: I feel like I’ve had a pretty good response so far. I’ve hooked up with two couples in the past several months, one of which I continue to see on a semi-regular basis.

If you are not satisfied with the responses that you’ve been getting from your ad (or you are considering running an ad for the first time) make sure you take the time to compose a well thought-out personal ad. A well written personal can make the difference between watching re-runs on the TV and sharing a pleasantly erotic evening with new friends.

Until next time… Happy Swinging!

~Major Mojo
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Hope this helps all the Swingers out there.

Major Mojo is a writer and swinger living in Virginia Beach, VA. Over the years he has written for many Swingers Magazines as well as Swingers websites.

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