What Your Upper Back Tattoos Reveal About Your Personality


The first tattoos were used to signify membership and status in a tribe or clan – a practice that began thousands of years ago in many cultures around the world. Then came the time when besides those who had tattoos for cultural significance, the only people who had them were sailors, bikers and those who had been incarcerated. These days, tattoos are an accepted form of self-expression, an art form that people both young and old, and from all walks of life enjoy and appreciate.

Currently, upper back tattoos are among the most popular. The upper back is a prime spot for a tattoo, and can accommodate both smallish works of art, and large ones that cover the entire upper back and even the neck and arms.

Upper back tattoos are a good way to start out with tattoos as well. While all tattoos are painful, the upper back is said by many to be a less painful place to get tattooed than some other areas of the body. And tattoos in this area can usually be fully covered by clothing, in case you don’t want the world (or your boss) to see your ink.

The shoulder blade area can be a great spot for a medium sized tattoo. Many people have upper back tattoos that make use of both shoulder blades to create a mirror image. Angel wings, fairy wings, butterfly wings and the like can be placed to the right and left of the spine on your upper back to create a beautiful look.

Men often use the shoulder blade areas for images that are symbolic to them. For example, the upper back and shoulder blades are prime territory for animal tattoos and tattoos that symbolize strength, family, or something that reflects a man’s personal identity

Upper back tattoos can be very complex works of art that spread across the entire upper back, even stretching up to the neck and wrapping around the shoulders and down onto the arms. Often these types of pieces are based on one theme or create an entire scene, although many different separate tattoos can be incorporated into one large tattoo, with a common thread used as a way to connect them all.

When you’re considering getting a tattoo on your upper back, it will help to look at tattoo magazines, tattoo websites and the flash and photos at your tattoo artist’s studio. Discuss your ideas with a qualified and creative artist to see how you can get the look you want, whether it’s a complex tribal piece that stretches from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, or a heart surrounded by your children’s names. Every tattoo can and should be completely unique, and a reflection of you, your personality and what’s meaningful in your life.

Upper back tattoos are perfect for many people because they are a great way to express oneself, and yet they can be covered up when necessary. Your tattoo can be your secret that only you and those closest to you know about. However, upper back tattoos are also considered artful self-expression, and because of this, you probably won’t want to hide yours away!

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