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A woman’s self-consciousness in the woman on top position

Some women simply do not feel comfortable about taking the sexual initiative or adopting the woman on top position while making love.

There can be all kinds of reasons for this and no one should feel forced into doing something which makes them feel ill at ease. If it is simply embarrassment, it is worth gathering the confidence to give it a try, and almost certainly your man will love the new variation and the chance to lie back and enjoy sex. If, however, he insists on always taking the dominant sexual role, this may be a symptom of a deeper problem within your relationship. No woman should allow herself to feel sexually repressed, and if she feels that she is, the couple may benefit from talking the issues over carefully, or seeking advice from a relationship counselor.

A woman may be reluctant to try the woman-on-top sex positions because of a sense of low self-esteem regarding her body. Perhaps she is shy to expose it so boldly to her partner, or maybe she feels overweight and too heavy to climb on top of her man. Most women make critical judgements about their bodies, but more often than not these views are not shared by their partners. Feeling good about your body is more to do with your self-regard than your actual weight. You can be big and beautiful or thin and beautiful if you are truly in touch with your inner beauty. However, if your concerns about your body image are actually interfering with your sexual relationship, and stopping you from expressing yourself to your full potential, then it is worth doing something about it.

And though most people do woman on top sex with the woman facing the man, you can try facing away from him. In this sexual position, the woman squats or kneels with her back to her partner.

Although there is less intimacy, because they are not able to see each other’s faces, it can be an exciting variation to add to the sexual repertoire. The woman should lower herself carefully onto the penis so that it enters her vagina at a comfortable angle. Penetration can be very deep with any of the woman-on-top squatting positions, so care should be taken to avoid thrusting movements which may cause the penis to jar the cervix. To maintain the squatting position, the woman will need to be quite supple in her hips and legs; kneeling astride the partner may be easier for her. The advantage of this position is that the woman is free to stimulate her own clitoris, while the man surrenders to the pleasurable sensations of her movements.

~ Krystal (writing for TrystSwingers.com)

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