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Updated Feature To Find Swingers Online

We have updated the Perfect Match feature on the site. The one recurring complaint I was getting about our site (and pretty much every one of the other Swinger sites) is that there are too many profiles of swingers online to search through to find someone compatible. So we tweaked our very unique Perfect Match feature (My Searches / Search For A Perfect Match), so that now the list of swingers profiles you get will be sorted by distance, giving you the closest members to you first and working the way outwards.

If you are not getting very many results in your Perfect Match, make sure you have filled in as much as you can of your profile, especially the Desired Partner section.

This should make it much easier for you to find compatible swingers in your area, plus it is handy for when you are traveling somewhere (get your Swingers Party invite before you leave).

Finding Swingers Online just could not get any easier.

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