New Issue Of Tryst Swingers Magazine

Swingers Magazine Online I just uploaded the newest issue of Tryst Swingers Magazine to the member’s area. Make sure you check it out by logging in and taking a look under the Paid Extras tab -> Gold Features. So I am sure you would like to know what is in this new issue, so let me tell you.

Swingers Magazine Stories

This issue has three Swinger Stories, first is about once guys’ fantasy of having sex with a Cougar, and the night it finally comes true.The next one is about Rob finally getting to go on a date with his Fantasy Girl. and she takes full advantage of him… poor boy, I feel really sorry for him… NOT!!

The last one is about a group of friends who get together socially on a regular basis, but this time things are different. Sexual energy is in the air, and things progress quite nicely. In fact by the end of the night everyone has become a “Swinger”, and they love every minute of it.

Swingers Magazine Articles

The Swinging Articles in this issue are: my article on some Swingers Tips to get you started, and an article by Krystal (she has written some fantasy stories for me in the past) called Is It Alright To Swing, plus Sex Advice given in both FrankTalks advice by Frank B Kermit, BA, MA, and my SOS column where I answer your questions, and of there are the Personal ads sent in by the readers of Tryst.

If you prefer to have a printed copy of Tryst Magazine instead of reading it on your computer, and you don’t want to go out and buy it, I can send your own Swingers Magazine copy to the address of your choice (see how accommodating I can be). Remember I will ALWAYS mail your Swingers Magazine in a discreet envelope… Sandi

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