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Swingers Magazine Online I just uploaded the new issue of our combined Tryst Swingers Magazine and Tab Fetish Magazine / Gay & Bi Magazine just for you (now don’t you feel special?).

This new issue is very special and is going to be a Collectors Issue. It is the last issue of Tryst/Tab Swingers Magazine/Fetish Magazine/Gay Magazine we are going to print. You can check it out online right now by logging in and taking a look under the Paid Extras tab -> Gold Features. Now let me fill you in on some of the cool stuff we have inside it.

Swingers Magazine Stories

Not actually a story, but Lisa wrote about Having Great Sex Into Your 60s.

Fetish Magazine Stories

A Present From My Mistress, written by a man who was with such a wonderful lady she understood his desire to dress in women’s underwear, and even gave him a present he thought he could only dream of.

A TV’s Night Out follows a TV running errands in full TV attire.

Slut Training, a story by a happy slut whose husband arranged to fulfill her ultimate fantasy of being totally Dominated.

Threesome & Sex Articles

Special guest column by Dan Savage on handling a Threesome.

4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom, some interesting ways to enjoy your partner even more in the bedroom. Written by Lisa a new writer we have, who will now be writing for the website instead of the magazine.

Sex Advice & More

Sandi’s final Centerfold, some recent shots of me, taken over the last few years. Now just because it is my final print centerfold that does not mean I won’t find a way to share some pictures online for you 😉 Have a lot of vacation pictures taken over the years that I may be convince to share with you, but you are going to have to ask for them.

Sex Advice given in both FrankTalks advice column by Frank B Kermit, BA, MA, and our SOS (SandiOnSex) column where Ted and I answer your questions on swinging, sex, and anything you want to talk about (Al and Viv made another appearance asking for advice). Dear Darla, was missing in action this issue, but I hope she will continue to be here to help all the TransSexual, Transvestite, and CrossDressers out there with her down to earth, straight forward advice for the website.

Plus, we still have all of the Personal ads which are the staple of Tryst/Tab Magazine.

If you prefer to have a printed copy of Tryst/Tab Magazine instead of reading it on your computer, and you don’t want to go out and buy it, I can send you your own Swingers Magazine copy to the address of your choice (see how accommodating I can be?). Remember I will ALWAYS mail your Swingers Magazine or anything else you order in a discreet envelope… Sandi

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