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I am sending out a Swingers Newsletter as I am writing this note to you, so check your InBox (or Junk box — whichever the case may be) to make sure you got your copy. If you don’t get it today (it takes a few hours to get them all out) then make sure I have your current email address. I send out newsletters to all my members. As you probably know (unless you are new around here) there have been a ton of new articles going online, but I have been lax in sending out my newsletters, hasn’t been one in a few months. I know… Bad girl… I need to be punished. 😉

Feel free to leave me your comments below as they always make my day (yes, even the bad ones as they are the ones which help me make our site even better), or if you prefer send me an email any time.

Now here is the direct link to my newest Swingers Newsletter.

See you again soon… Sandi

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    • Karin
    • July 8, 2017

    I love having sex with men I met at the gym. How can I get my husband interested in having a threesoome with Todd?

    1. Reply

      Hi Karin, Have you talked to your husband at all about your interest in having a threesome or that you want to try swinging? That is where I would start. There is also a LOT of info here on my site that may help you make your fantasy a reality. Let me know… Sandi

    • Leanne Miller
    • January 16, 2018

    Please send me your newest news letter with explicit photos please

    • Carrie lynn
    • March 29, 2018

    I like group sex and multiple male partners at once. Contact me let’s play!

    I’m near Shreveport

    • tracy
    • November 2, 2019

    like orgy

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