What Is Swinging?

I like to call it Dating For Couples. Basically, swingers are couples (and in some cases singles) who have chosen to have an open relationship as in being able to have sex with other people. The difference with swingers vs just an open sexual relationship is that swinging is usually done together as a couple.

Bottom line, swinging is a sexual activity in which committed relationship partners sexually engage with others for recreational sex. It is a form of non-monogamy, and is an activity chosen for a number of reasons, including to add variety to the couples sex life.

Couples will meet at a swinger’s club, or through a swinger’s website to see if they are compatible. Some are looking for a purely sexual relationship, very similar to a one-night stand in the dating world. Others are looking to pursue a friendship along with the sexual benefits. I am sure you have heard the term “Friends with Benefits” in modern language.

One Night Stand Swinging

Obviously, the former sexual relationship only can be a much simpler form of swinging to achieve. All you would need to do is find someone you are attracted to & that they are attracted to you as well, then meet up and have fun! The complication comes in that there are going to be 4 people who need to be attracted to each other. It is really just a numbers game.

Friends With Benefits Swinging

If you are looking to find the friends with benefits form of swingers, it can be a little harder as not only does everyone need to be attracted to each other, you would also have to have these same four people get along socially.

You would think that swinging would cause issues between the partners of the committed couple, but reality is that if the couple keeps communication open before & during their swinging times, that they can often create a stronger bond between them.

The biggest thing in my opinion to have a good swinging experience is to communicate with your partner about your desires and expectations from the experience. The next step would be to become better verse in the swinger’s world by doing some more research on the topic so you have no doubt this is what you and your partner would like to explore.

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