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This is primarily written for the couples out there who are seeking a single female swinger, but the pointers are pertinent for single men as well.

First off you need to understand that it is just not going to be as easy as you would like it to be.

Single women are the most sought after prize in the lifestyle, and are so uncommon that they are often referred to as a Unicorn. But unlike the Unicorn they are real.

Finding a compatible “unicorn” is about as likely as catching HIV from oral sex. Especially if you are looking for a bi lady who has long blonde hair, 36C, has a nice tight ass, has a single bi girlfriend, has no baggage and wants to do both of you exclusively (assuming you are a couple). It is statistically possible but unlikely.

However if you are in search of a divorced mom with a couple of kids, mortgage up her butt, a few extra pounds, good-looking but not super model material. She may not be perfect but she still knows just how to have fun, you are more likely to succeed.

Unless, of course, you are independently wealthy, own a Ferrari, and you don’t mind having to pay for all their meals and entertainment, then you should manage to find plenty of single women even if you act like an idiot.

Almost all the single women Ted and I have come across in the swinging lifestyle have had their share of baggage. Some even only want to have sex with me (actually we have had that situation come up with couples as well, funny thing though they don’t fill us in on that in the beginning, they just make it clear after things get going). Sorry, Ted and I are in this together, we want to be a part of each others’ enjoyment.

Reality is, single women don’t need swinger’s magazines or swinger’s websites to get together with other swingers. They could go into practically any busy bar and grab whoever they desire. They possess all the power. That is not to say that they don’t use magazines or websites to meet people, but the ones I have met commonly do the responding for the reason that as soon as they put up an ad or profile they get inundated with replies, as I am sure you can imagine.

So make sure you remember just how much of a prize she is when you do meet one, and treat her special. You also need to remember that you should never neglect your own partner though, or you will pay for that afterward (jealousy is not fun to deal with). That reminder is for both the men and the women reading this.

Now for all the single men out there, since you have now read my article on “How to pick up single swinging women” for couples, you now need to understand that it is going to be even harder for you, as a single man, to find these elusive sexual women than it is for the couples, but it is possible.

~ Play Safe, Ted & I always do… Sandi (from

ps. Want even more information? Suzy Bauer wrote a great book called Step By Step Threesome with some great techniques which can help you fulfill your FMF fantasy.

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