How To Deal With Penis Jealousy In The Swinging Lifestyle

Dealing With Penis Jealousy

This is an ongoing series of articles dealing with different aspects of Jealousy which you may encounter while being involved in the Swinging Lifestyle. Each article will deal with one situation, hopefully if you are having Jealousy problems you can find an article here to help you with your particular problem. If not, feel free to email me and request one.

So you want to try Swinging for the first time, or you may be a long time swinger, it does not matter as this advice will be the same for both of you. There are times when you may get a visit from that green eyed monster but don?t worry I will help you get through this. If you are new to the swing lifestyle then the chances are greater that this feeling may come over you, but no matter what, please don?t let it get the better of you and decide that swinging is just not for you because of this, there are ways to work through it.

First let?s look into some of the reasons you may get this jealousy feeling when swinging.

What if he is bigger down there than I am?

This is a common one among men, they are just so competitive. First off guys, let?s get this straight, size doesn?t matter to women (okay, now that I made you smile let?s get serious). I will be honest; size does matter to some women, but to a point. Many couples are only into soft swinging (which means no intercourse with the other partner), so in that case size does not matter. Actually a little smaller is better since it makes for a much better blow job when she can fit all of you in her mouth! (Just Saying)

Now if you are going for full swap intercourse with the other couple, and you look down and see he is bigger than you, hang on because that would be the time jealousy may just pop in. Remember your swing partner is looking for something different than she already has, so smaller may just be what she is looking for. If you think your size is going to be a problem for her and you may not be able to give her an orgasm because you are just too small, then just use your hands! Actually, your fingers can do wonders to her clit while you are inside of her. You can also try different positions, doggy style is one of the best to reach deeper inside of her, plus it has the added bonus of having you rub on her g-spot (that?s the spot just a few inches inside of her at the front of her vagina) at the same time.

The biggest point I can make to help you is to try not to think about it too much, mainly because if you are worried about your size then you may not get as hard as you usually get, and that will end up being more of a problem for you and her than your size will ever be.

I hope this helped you if you are having penis jealously issues, or think it may be a problem for you. ?And keep watching here as we deal with some of the other reasons you may be having feelings of jealousy and take care of them one by one so you can relax and have a great time as a Swinger.

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