Just Found Out Our Best Friends Are Swingers

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Just Found Out Our Best Friends Are Swingers And We Are Not – Should We Dump Them?

You bet, those filthy disgusting swingers LOL. Honestly it depends on your comfort level with their Lifestyle choice and how long you have been best friends. I assume that if you have known them for a long time, what does them being swingers actually change?

You really only have two choices, ignore it and life goes on or sit down, the four of you, and talk it out and see where it ends up. They are still the same couple that you were best friends with yesterday.

On the other hand, if they have tried to introduce you into their lifestyle and you are not comfortable with that it changes everything. Talk to them, explain to them that you are not interested in being with them sexually but you still want to be best friends and see what they say.

Then again, maybe the Swingers Lifestyle intrigues you and you are wondering if you should approach your best friends (read more Swingers newbie information). My personal advice would be that unless you are prepared to lose your best friend, investigate the Lifestyle outside of your relationship with them and then maybe approach them once you see if it for you. Sex complicates EVERYTHING, and you cannot expect it to not complicate your relationship with your best friends.

Does it sound like I’m going around in circles? Because I am, there is no right or wrong answer on this one. In a perfect world your friendship will go on and could grow even closer.? In my experience, it does not always work out that way. If you really are best friends you should all be able to get over it and continue on but depending on your opinion of swinging it may change things forever and that is sad.

Swinging is not for everyone, far from it. Ultimately it is up to the four of you how you handle this little bump in your friendship. Ultimately I would hope that you can all get past this and move on as friends. Honestly, Swing partners are pretty easy to find. Best friends on the other hand are much harder to find and keep. Get over it if you can and enjoy life as the four of you always have, before you found out they were Swingers!

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