On Premise vs Off Premise Swing Clubs vs Poser clubs What’s The Difference

Swing Clubs - Threesome

So you want to check out one of the swing clubs out there, but not sure which type to try, well I am here to help you figure all that out.

It is actually really easy, the short answer is Off Premise Swing Clubs do not allow sex on the premises. And you guessed it On Premise Swing Clubs do allow sex on the premises.

Now to figure out which one is the right club for you.

Off Premise Swing Clubs

If you are just getting started in the lifestyle, and this is your first time at a swingers club then I would suggest starting out with an off premise club if you have on close to you. These types of clubs have less pressure associated with them making them ideal for newbies in the lifestyle.

On Premise Swing Clubs

On the other hand if you want to jump in with both feet and you are both comfortable with the concept. Or even if you both like to watch and be watched then try an on premise club. You don’t have to get together with another couple you could stay to yourselves and just watch, but expect to get approached by some of the other couples there.

Poser Clubs

These are not really swing clubs, it is more of a place for people to go and hang out and show off. They are usually full of younger good looking people who like to dress erotic and do a little groping & grabbing but that is it. You find it very hard to meet any actual swingers at this type of club. Not one of my favorites, but can still be a fun night out.

Single Men At Swing Clubs

If the club you are going to also allows single men to attend then that does change the dynamics of the club as well. If you are looking for a single guy to join you for a threesome, then one of these swing clubs would be ideal, especially if it is an on premise club. But if you do not want a single, then you may be better off finding a club for couples only, or go on a couples only night.

One other thing to mention about singles, some on premise clubs I have been to (especially in Las Vegas) have open sex areas for couples to go to with a screened off area for the single men to watch from. Good if you are a little bit of an exhibitionist, but could be a little bit distracting if you are somewhat shy. Just something to think about.

So now you have a good overview of the differences in the types of swing clubs, pick the one that feels like it best suits you.

Almost forgot when you are looking for a swing club in your area, call them first to find out a little more about their club. I would suggest calling all the ones in your area, get a feel for the owners, because the clubs tend to attract the same type of personalities of clientele as the owners have. If the owner is obnoxious and pushy the club members will generally be the same. Check out some other articles we have available on Swing Clubs.

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