Shy Newbie Swingers

Hi Sandi, my husband and I would like to attend your Swingers Club, but we’re not really sure if we want to get involved physically yet and don’t know how comfortable we would be getting naked in front of other people. Would it be OK if we kept our clothes on when we go into the back room at your Club and just watched everyone having sex? It might help get us into the “Swing” of things as it were. Laurie and Lawrence

First things first, we do NOT run or own a Swing Club, never have and hopefully never will no matter how many times we have been asked to, but we have attended quite a few and although you should check with the owner of the club you are planning on attending first I can’t think of one club that would let you do what you are thinking of. All of the clubs that we have been to do not allow street clothes in the play areas and there is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy yourself with a bunch of gawkers looking on. So my answer to you on both questions would be a definite no.

Also, you both need to become more comfortable with your own bodies. If Swinging is something you’re seriously thinking about getting into, eventually you’re going to have to get naked (or at least partially naked). Try starting out slowly, some clubs allow Lingerie in the play areas, and there are ways of observing what is going on without being obvious. There is also nothing at all to stop you from just playing with each other and having a great time while you casually observe what is going on around you (that is what we usually do when we go to a club). No one says you actually have to have sex with other people to be a Swinger; it’s all about your attitude! But I’ll save that speech for another day… Sandi

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