Swinging Single

Swinging Single

Hello swingers! This is Major Mojo, your Swinging Sex Columnist and I’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest in the world of swinging. I’ll be exploring a different aspect of the swinging lifestyle and I invite your feedback.

One of the realities of life is that not all relationships will stand the test of time. Sad though it may be, life does go on. But just like the bible says (am I actually using a reference from the bible? I’m definitely going to hell for this), when one door closes, another opens. And you must go on, even if it means you are Swinging Single.

What is the point to all this? Like so many other people I too have become a statistic of divorce. That’s right; Major Mojo is a swinging single again. And as a swinging single where do I go to meet people? Directly to the pages of the swinger sites that I write for.

That is exactly how I met Janet and John (all names have been changed to preserve anonymity). Both in their early forties, Janet and John responded to an ad I had placed. A couple phone calls later, after we felt comfortable with one another, we scheduled a time to meet.

Over some pleasant conversation and a few beers I got better acquainted with this interesting couple. As our comfort level rose our inhibitions quickly diminished and pretty soon we wound up on the bed. Janet took off her flimsy negligee and what should I find hiding underneath but two of the largest milky white breasts I have ever laid eyes on. My God they were huge! I started sucking on those titties like my life depended on it.

I won’t bore you with all the graphic details of how we fucked and sucked each other like a couple of horny teenagers, but the very thought of watching my cock disappear into her wet mouth still gives me chills.

After several years of swinging as a couple it was a bit odd to be single again. There is no doubt about it, swinging as a single, especially if you are a man, is more challenging. I’ve seen it from both sides of the fence. If you are single though, you can rest assured there are couples out there looking for you.

I asked Janet and John if they would share some of their experiences as a couple looking for single guys with Tryst (SandiOnSwinging.com) readers and they were nice enough to agree.

How long have you been in the Lifestyle? “We have been in the lifestyle for the past 8 years.”

How long have you been advertising on swingers sites? “We have been advertising off and on for the past 6 years.”

How do you like to swing? “Our preferred method of swinging is together. What we do, we want to do together, in the same room. John LOVES to watch me with other men. My favorite is oral. I love to suck dick and of course I also love to have my pussy licked. We have had experiences with couples, but most of our experiences have been with male threesomes, but I am also bi.”

Tell us about your best swinging experience. “This is not the best experience, but it was something that was very different for me and is something that I will remember perhaps because it was so ‘out of character’ for me.”

PHONE SEX (Here’s a little story for you)

“My husband and I had met a young man named Martin, stationed here, whom we had been with several times as a threesome. This particular evening, all of the kids were out of the house, and I had been sipping on a mixed drink and I was becoming very relaxed.

I sat back in my favorite, plush chair and turned down the lights. By this time the drink had gone straight to my clit, making it tingle with excitement.

I unbuttoned my blouse after a long day at work, slipped off my panties and shoes, and unhooked my front-snapped bra, exposing my voluptuous breasts and erect nipples.

When my husband came into the room, I laid back in my chair, pulled up my mini-skirt and spread my tan, smooth legs, exposing my hot, little pussy. He immediately dropped to his knees in front of me and began to caress and kiss my inner thighs.

My clit got hard and erect as I felt his tongue touch my clit, teasing it, as he moved to kiss my other inner thigh. Clearly aroused, he began to slowly and gently lick my clit. He reached up to kiss me and asked me to call Martin.

I dialed the number and when he answered the phone I asked him to guess what John and I were doing. With him intentionally playing ignorant, I began to explain to him how my husband was eating my pussy and slowly licking my hard, erect, clit. I told him how wet I was and began to moan with pleasure.

Martin was glued to the phone and I could hear him breathing harder. He told me that he wished he was with us and that if he was, he would be running his tongue down my neck to my nipples, and he would be gently sucking them.

I told Martin to unzip his pants and to take out his hard, throbbing cock and to slowly stoke it. I could hear him moaning and breathing as he massaged his hard dick.”

Whew! That will get your engine purring.

As always, I am.

~Major Mojo
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Until next time, Happy Swinging! Hope this helps all the Single Swingers out there.

Major Mojo is a writer and swinger living in Virginia Beach, VA. Over the years he has written for many Swingers Magazines as well as Swingers websites, and is now swinging single.


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