Anal Sex For Beginners – Infographic

Anal sex or even just anal play is something that many couples wish to try out; it’s easy to understand why that would be the case because anal play when done right can be immensely enjoyable. In both females and males, there are many nerve endings in the anal area that when stimulated can give […]

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Pushing For Anal Sex

Every time we have Sex my partner wants to stick it up my butt, and I am just not sure I want to have Anal Sex. What should I do? And your problem is? OK, just joking, but I know some people that just love anal and would rather have anal sex that way than […]

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Erotic Photos For Your Pleasure

I had figured that Ted would be trying to go over the 700 thousand photo mark and I was right. Today he uploaded 8025 new photos to his Hot Erotic Photo Gallery to give him a grand total of 701,754 (that is a lot of Sexy Pictures to look at). He has started from the […]

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