A Very Important Swing Club Update…

This came to me directly from Samantha from Samantha’s Place in London:

BIG NEWS… REALLY BIG NEWS.. and we want to make sure you all read this very carefully so no nasty rumours start… are you ready?

After 10 fabulous years running Samantha’s Place, Greg and I have sold the club to another couple who will keep it running and still provide you with monthly events and weekly updates and all the great things you have come to expect from South Western Ontario’s longest running Swing Club. We have talked with Mike and Vicky who own the venue, and Chris the DJ, and everybody we work with on a monthly basis and they are all very happy with the new owners and agree with us that they will do a great job.

So, I would like to introduce you all to Skye and Todd. They are a lovely young couple from the London area, they have been coming to our club for a couple of years now and we are thrilled they have accepted our offer. We believe they will give you all excellent customer service and Skye has been working with Greg to learn all the ins and outs of the website and registration procedures, updates and so on. You will see them over the next few months learning the ropes at the door, and helping us with set up and learning who everybody is. Things will stay the same, your memberships are still valid, the prices are not changing, there will just be a different friendly face at the door!

We hope you will welcome them with open arms and continue to support them in the same way you have supported us over the last 10 years.

Please understand we are NOT closing our doors, Skye and Todd will take over gradually over the summer and then Greg and I can just hang out and relax at the events and maybe dance together!

The decision is purely about timing – I have been very busy this past year with my job and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with it, but I don’t always get to pick the dates for events and conferences, so we were finding many conflicts. Running Samantha’s Place has always been a fun hobby for us, but our families and jobs are first priority. As our kids get older they are getting married and will be having babies (soon I hope!) and we want to be available for them.

So, it is with mixed feelings that we share this exciting news, we are happy to be moving onto this next chapter in our lives, but we will miss the weekly contact with you all.

Please feel free to email with your questions and concerns..we are here for you!

Take care and play safe… Samantha and Greg
(former owners of Samantha’s Place)

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