Las Vegas Swingers Club

Yesterday it was announced that Las Vegas (specifically Clark County) is redefining the rules on sex clubs, also known as a swingers club. Las Vegas, which I often refer to as “sin city” (where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas), is the last place that should be trying to shut down these clubs. Ted and I visited most of the Vegas Swingers Clubs and wrote some review on them couple of years ago (I guess they are still trying to be family friendly – stupid idea, us adults need somewhere to play too).

This is not the first time Vegas has tried to close a Swingers Club and I am sure it will not be the last time.

I wish they would just leave us Swingers alone, everything at the clubs are between consenting adults… so what is the problem?

Check out the news report on the new Swingers Club rules.

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