No Bra Day

No Bra Day

No Bra Day

We all need to do our part to support Breast Cancer Research on National No Bra Day. Now looking into this, what should be, “official” holiday I was a little confused as I found out there is another one being celebrated on July 9th. My feeling is what is the problem with celebrating it twice (actually I celebrate it most days as I hate wearing bras and am lucky enough to not need one). I think celebrating during Breast Cancer Awareness Month makes perfect sense so I am going to promote this one as well…. I kind of goes along with other celebrations similar to No Bra Day, like No Panty Day!

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    • Loyce Madara
    • October 9, 2013

    mee very horny

    1. Reply

      Then you came to the right place. 😉 …Sandi

    • maryann
    • October 14, 2014

    had mine off all day lucky they are firm

    1. Reply

      Yes, that is a lucky thing. I love wearing lace back tops with no bra to tease the guys… Sandi

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