Sex In Nursing Homes

Sex in Nursing Homes

It seems that there are enough Nursing home residents (especially Alzheimer’s patients) having sex that they are turning Nursing homes into inadvertent swingers clubs. That is according to RYOT, who quoted Patricia Bush, a neuropsychologist in California, said, The big picture is that society doesn’t see the sexual needs of the elderly as being worth their time. Why is it OK for Hugh Hefner to have babes crawling all over him at the Playboy mansion? If you were 87 in a care facility behaving like that, nobody would be saying, That’s nice.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is good news. I don’t want to stop having sex just because I get older, or that I need full time nursing care.

Now I’m wondering if someone will actually set up full nursing homes as swingers clubs sometime in the future. Could be quite an interesting business plan. Somehow I don’t think anyone will have the nerve to try it though, but it may work.

The next demographic coming into Nursing homes will be the Baby boomers, who were the ones to burn their bras and develop the pill. Why would anyone think they’re not going to be sexual?

There is no reason Sex has to stop just because we get older.

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