Sin City Trying To Close Swingers Fetish Club

If you were thinking that it is just a Toronto thing that city council is trying to close down swingers clubs, well you will just have to think again. Las Vegas is also know as Sin City, but will they be able to keep that name now that they are trying to close down the sin part? This one hits home to Ted and I as well as the Toronto attacks since we are planning a trip there this fall, and are going to try to check out a few of the Swing Clubs while we are there.

The county is engaging in harassment… what consenting adults do in private shouldn’t be the government’s business. Besides whatever happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas… that is unless I decide to share 🙂

Hopefully things will get worked out before we head to Vegas…. keep your fingers crossed for us (we want to visit at least one swingers club, and leave me your comments below…. Sandi

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