10 Secret Techniques To Make Your Partner Want To Have More Sex With You

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(Note from Sandi: If you are looking for a little more loving then these tips should help in that department. After reading through these I realized that Ted and I already do most of these to each other — now we are just going to have to work on doing all 10.)

A relationship is very involved, both on the physical and the intimate levels. One person may feel the need to cuddle (such as your woman) while you on the other hand, don’t want to be too close after you are relaxed, and feeling completely satisfied.

What you are going to find is that there are many things that are going to make your partner want to have more sex with you, and sometimes you are going to have to give a little, so you can get a lot more back in return.

1) Think about sex, and tell her you are thinking about sex, even if it is over the phone

What you may not realize is that women are going to think about sex more than you want to realize. A woman is going think about how you talked to her, how you kissed her, and how you rubbed your whiskers on her cheek the night before. Your partner is going to want to have more sex, the more they are thinking about sex, and the more often you tell her that she is sexy. Make an intimate call. Tell your partner all about what you want to do to her, and how you want to do it, and then let her think about that all day until she gets to see you again!

2) Spending a few minutes alone, in the dark, as you listen to music

You might find it a little boring, but sometimes all you need to do, to get more sex in your life is feel a little closer, to put the hurried portions of the day behind you and just listen to a little music. Not many couples sit back, relax and just listen to music. Sometimes music is going to be very sexy, putting you or your partner, or both of you in the mood at the same time. Instead of just climbing into bed, and watching the news or the late show, you should turn on a bit of your favorite music and sit close with your partner.

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3) Take a shower before you come and cuddle up close to your partner

Women are often turned on by the smell of cologne, or by the smell of soap. In taking a shower every night before you climb into bed, no matter how tired you are, you are creating a memory in her mind, of the clean smell she loves the most. Use this smell and the need to be close to you for your own advantage, so you can have more sex, more often. Sexual attractions are very strong, and if you are not using your natural abilities to attract your partner, you very well could be losing out on a good bit of good sex.

4) Baby your partner for a while, stroking, petting and being beside her

Don’t be afraid to play around and lick her neck. The worst thing that could happen is you fall asleep in each others arms, and you get a little more sex in the morning when she is refreshed from a good nights sleep, because she will remember what you want and what you felt like when she fell asleep in your arms. You will get more in the morning as she is sleeping well at night!

5) Don’t be passing gas or burping before you climb into bed

You don’t want to be the man in front of your partner. She doesn’t want to see, hear or smell anything like that; it is not going to be a turn on. If you want to have more sex in your life, and bring your relationship closer as you are more intimate more often, pass on the beans, pass on the garlic, and be sweet smelling, and lovable, she will cuddle right up next to you more often!

6) Bring her a glass of wine at bedtime, and leave the lights on low

You might not realize it but all she wants is a little time, just five minutes to unwind and your partner will be ready for a little alone time with you. Bring her a glass of wine, tea, or just water as she unwinds and gets ready for bed. You will be thoughtful and insightful and she will remember these small things as you reach over and kiss her. Your partner just loves being the center of attention and this doesn’t take much added energy at all on your part so you should give it a try!

7) Offer her a quick massage, nothing fancy or too long, just a brief rub down

You might not realize it, but the feel of your hands, on her back, and on her chest is going to make a woman feel good. If you want to put more sex into your relationship, you should show your partner a little foreplay, a little extra care. A woman is going to be turned on as you touch the small of her back, the inside of her breast, and why? Because no one ever touches her in those places except for you, and with this touch you are going to excite her more often, showing her that you are intimate and that you want to pleasure her every need. You don’t even have to rub her hard, or touch her that long, just the soft gentle touches that show you are close to her will relay the message quite clearly.

8) Get in the shower with her, and let her see your hard on

She likes to get in the shower and take a good long hot shower, and this is your opportunity to get in on the action. Slide into the shower, and rub her down with the soap. As you lather her up, rub up against her and let her feel how hard you are. You don’t have to have sex in the shower, just put her in the mood so she will be turned on and looking for action when she gets out of the shower. You surely already know what cologne is going to drive her crazy, so if you were to shower and put a little on, she is going to get turned on, and want you, even if she doesn’t consciously know it. Taking a shower is not only going to freshen you up, but it is going to wake you up and your partner at the same time.

9) Talk sweetly and quietly so you don’t wake the children The little things you say will get you a long way when it comes to getting more sex. If you tell your partner just how much you love her, how pretty she is, or how much you feel that she is a special part of your day, the better she is going to feel about your relationship. As she feels sexier, she is going to want you more. As she feels happier, she is going to offer herself to you more often. You can get a long way with a partner when you are whispering goodies in her ear, and all without waking the children!

10) Don’t just jump in bed, but slide into bed close to your partner and be next to her

Slide into bed; slide right next to your partner. Jumping into bed, and making a ruckus is going to make your presence known but you are also going to annoy your partner a little more often. You want to be comfortable, and make your partner comfortable, so carefully climb into bed and get close. As you are sitting close with your partner, stroking her skin, and feeling her next to you, both of your are going to be more aroused.

You will feel closer to each other and you will end up having sex more often. You can make this a habit, and when you see she is in bed with the music on, you are going to be in for a bit of sex again tonight. The trick here is to make it to bed, and not to sleep on the couch or on the recliner in the living room.

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