Body Language Basics For Seducing Women

Swingers about to start Swinging

According to studies carried out over 50% of your communication comes from your body language, that is what you DON’T say, and less then 8% of your communication comes from what you actually DO say. So needless to say, body language is VERY important.

What does all this mean to you?

Well, if you want to be successful in seducing women. It is MORE important to pay careful attention to HOW you say things, and HOW you stand and HOW you act than it is to WHAT you say (at least initially). So don’t worry so much about what you are going to say to the cute lady you just met, think about HOW you say it.

You see, you could have the BEST game in the world, say all the right things (that those online courses tell you to say) and be able to really get any woman to like you loads online, but if you used those same successful techniques in the real world and lacked a few of the basic body language tools, like no confidence, no eye contact, etc. — You would simply CRASH and BURN.

Honestly, body language is SOOOO important in attracting women, that you will never have any luck until you learn it. Later I will go into how you can use her body language to READ her mind and know what she’s thinking. This article is about YOUR body language, so let’s work on that first.

Ok… So, I’m just going to cover the basics as the advanced stuff is beyond the scope of this article (if you want more advanced detail concerning body language you can check out my site.

Body language basics:

1. Smile

You need to make her feel at ease and comfortable, let her know that you are a friendly and fun guy and you are not a psycho as quick as possible. Especially when talking to her for the first time as her guard will be up. You also need to let her know that you are confident and comfortable around women. A big and genuine smile is the best way to do this. It works. In fact, if you ever get an Ice Queen that you can tell is about to give you the “dead eye”, give her a big smile, you may just melt her down a little. Practice smiling at random people. You’ll be surprised by how many people smile back and at how many doors open to you. Smiling WORKS. Just don’t make it a cheesy, fake smile 😉

2. Eye Contact

As you know there’s nothing worse than staring at a woman’s chest — or even looking. It makes you just like all the other guys who drool over her. If anything you should use all your skill to NOT look at her chest — she’ll wonder why her womanly powers don’t work with you and she’ll seek your attention and subconsciously TRY to get you to look!

When talking to her, try to maintain eye contact. Not too much because it can be intimidating, but if you aim to have eye contact with her around 70% of the time you are talking, this should be comfortable for most women. Also it is very important to maintain eye contact when she is talking, otherwise you will not seem interested in what she has to say. Don’t stare like a crazy man, just be natural but if you naturally look away or are slightly shy when it comes to eye contact, make a conscious effort to have a little more. Eye contact can make serious connections within people. They say the eyes are a window to the soul and I think there may be some truth to that. There are even speed dating type events being run that involve just staring into each others eyes — and from what I hear, they are pretty successful.

Maintain eye contact. Not too much, about 70% of conversation time. Be natural — Not Creepy.

3. Upright Posture

Guys can get away with a bit of a hunch, but women really do prefer men with straight, upright postures. Look at all the big film actors like Pitt, Cruise etc. They all have good posture. It says to a woman you are confident, healthy, and strong (at least in mind). It’s just generally more attractive and says lots about who you are. Plus it’s good for your back and will help strengthen your back muscles making it easier to maintain, plus it has the added bonus of holding in your stomach if you have a little pouch there.

Get into the HABIT of having an upright posture.

4. Gesticulate With Open Palms

You will not hear this tip anywhere else (or if you do, it was almost certainly copied from this course).

I’ve gone into in depth studies of body language and this one is a good one to use in MANY circumstances — I’ve adapted it here after solid testing in picking up women — however, some people suggest that when combined with a few other verbal and non-verbal techniques it can even give you a 50/50 chance of getting out of speeding fines!

Anyway, basically, when you are talking to a woman and trying to make a point (that puts you in a positive light) or defend yourself (for example, a girl suggests you might be a player) and you talk and using your hands, make sure you have open palms facing upwards. Keep your arms in front of your body with your palms facing the sky and smile as you talk.

It works VERY well on a subconscious level to suggest you are being honest and telling the truth. And if you want a woman to begin to trust you, making her think you are being straight with her, it is very important.

This open palm gesticulation MUST be combined with a smile to work effectively.

Those are the basics of body language, if you’d like to learn more visit my site where I will teach you how to, Seduce Women!

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